September 30, 2004

Chef's Salad- Wednesday

Chef's Salad (with lettuce, homegrown tomatoes, olives, boiled eggs, leftover ham, cheese, leftover chicken) and Chocolate Bavarian

Quick Chocolate Bavarian (also known as "Goop")
2 envelopes plain gelatin
1/2 C hot milk
2 egg yolks
1 C ice
1/4 C cold water
6 ounces chocolate chips
1 C cream
Pour water into blender. Sprinkle gelatin over top. Add hot milk and blend on high for 40 seconds. Add chocolate chips. Blend. Add remaining ingredients and blend until thick (about 1 minute.) Pour into serving dishes immediately.

Salad is my son's most hated of all foods. However, he eats the add-ins from a chef's salad so he is still getting some nutrition.
"Goop" is the dessert to die for. We all love it! This recipe takes less than two minutes to prepare and it's ready to eat immediately.

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