September 15, 2004


Okay, Okay! So we cheated last night. We ate at Wendy's. To our minimal credit, we did attempt to disguise it as a "Since this was your last soccer game of the season and you played your best, why don't you pick somewhere to eat-out" celebration.

If you really need your daily recipe "fix" try this one that we ate for breakfast this morning.

Homemade Strawberry Julius (otherwise known as "Cold Drink")
In a blender or drink maker, combine:
8 ounces of frozen, non-sweetened strawberries
8 ice cubes
1t vanilla
1C milk
1/8-1/4C sugar (to taste)
Blend until smooth.

You can vary the fruit used, substitute honey for the sugar, yogurt for the milk and even add powdered soy protein to make it healthier.

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