October 12, 2004

Thanksgiving in October

Sliced turkey breast (leftover from the deli sandwiches,) stuffing (made from leftover rolls, celery and the remaining 1/2 onion not used in the salsa,) potatoes and gravy, rolls (leftover,) and apple pie with Cool-Whip (leftover from the Jell-O.)

My daughter calls this meal Thanksgiving in October. I had visions of creatively using yesterday's leftovers in an entirely new meal. I would use the food processor to make pie crust, rinse it out and use it to make stuffing, rinse it and use it to make mashed potatoes... Quick, easy and frugal. Then real life hit me on the back of the head.

Either I put too much shortening in the pie crust or the house was too humid from running the humidifier all day for the sick baby but that pie crust would not roll properly. After 45 minutes, I had no dinner. What I did have was pie crust stuck on the counters, pie crust on the floor, pie crust on the cleanly stacked dishes from yesterday's party, potatoes boiling over on my freshly scrubbed stove top, a monstrous sinus headache and a baby crying to be held. I kicked the refrigerator and cupboards repeatedly (to keep myself from flinging the glass pie pan across the kitchen) and my husband ventured out of his office to see what the matter was. He sent me to my room to feed the baby while he made the pie.

We did eventually eat. The meal was very nearly edible: hot mashed potatoes (into which my 6 year old stuck his fingers- resulting in screams of pain and a short delay while we ran to the bathroom for cold running water,) dry rolls and undercooked, gooey stuffing filled with raw onions. Thank goodness for gravy!


art mama said...

I have NEVER been able to make homemade pie crust. However I've found a great way to save time on homemade pizza...My bread machine! I just throw the ingredient for pizza dough in and set it for the dough cycle. No kneading, waiting for the dough rise, and much less mess!

matcheez mom said...

This morning, while sorting the mail from the kitchen counter, I found two pieces of raw pie crust! Yuck.

SonicDale said...

Just gotta ask...
How did that crust end up everywhere?