November 02, 2004

Birthday Tradition

MENU: Golden Corral Dinner Buffet- All you can eat!

One of our family traditions is to go out to a restaurant for dinner on each child's birthday. The birthday child gets to choose where we eat. This weekend marked my daughter's ninth birthday. For the last nine years, we have eaten at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Parlor. My husband and I do not like their pizza and the price is outrageous. We have tried in vain to convince our children that there are other options. Last year, our daughter decided she was too old for Chuck E. Cheese's only to change her mind the night before. This year, however, we told her that if she chose somewhere less expensive then we would have money left over to go bowling or miniature golfing. She chose Golden Corral and bowling. The food is pretty good and since it is a buffet, everyone picks what they want to eat. The night was tons of fun.

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