November 18, 2004

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas, Green Salad, Corn, Blueberry Cheesecake

Chicken Enchiladas
1 can Cream of Something soup
1/4 C milk
1/2 C sour cream
1/2 pound cooked chicken, shredded or diced
1/4 C diced chiles, optional
2 C shredded cheese, any combination of Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella or Colby
1 can tomato sauce or enchilada sauce
1/2 can black olives, sliced
4-8 flour tortillas
Mix: soup, milk, sour cream, chicken and half of the cheese. Scoop mixture onto tortillas and roll up. Place in grease casserole dish. Top with tomato sauce and sliced olives. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until bubbly (about 30 minutes.)

(Somewhere there is a Kraft recipe for this but I couldn't find it so I just guessed!)
In a food processor, blend 1 package of graham crackers (not a whole box, mind you...) with 1/2C of butter. When mixed well, press crumbs into a pie tin. Rinse the food processor. Add 8 ounces of softened cream cheese, 1 tub of Cool Whip, 1/4C milk and about 1C of powdered sugar (maybe just a bit more?) Mix well and pour on top of the graham cracker crumbs. Keep in fridge until ready to use. May be eaten plain or topped with any pie filling, jam or fresh/frozen fruit.

Very easy to make. I made this meal for a friend who just had a baby and it only took 35 minutes. I made the cheesecake and salad while the enchiladas were cooking (It cooks much faster in the microwave.) Depending on how much filling you use in each tortilla, it can feed between 4 and 8 people (including children.) It is one of my husband's favorite dishes.

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