March 30, 2005

Easter Eggs

This blog has evolved over the past few months. I intended it to be a daily diary of our dinner menus. However, like other WAHMs, I frequently find myself too busy with my home business. Hence, I settled for occasionally listing our dinner recipes. Once in a while, I have a recipe that I love that just has nothing to do with dinner. That is the story of today's entry.

This Easter, I waited until the last minute to buy an egg coloring kit. Wal-mart's shelves were completely empty by the time I got there on Saturday night. I hesitantly settled for the recipe on the back of my kitchen food coloring box. Boy, was I surprised! I expected dull, light colors but what I got were intense, bright, gorgeous colors. We even made BLACK Easter eggs (or "Halloween eggs" as my children named them.) This recipe is inexpensive and easy.

Easter Egg Dye
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 small bottle of liquid food coloring
1/2 cup boiling water
Combine all ingredients in a cup. Soak raw or boiled eggs for 1-5 minutes in the dye mixture. You can combine differing amounts of liquid coloring to achieve interesting variations such as black, brown, hot pink or forest green. Soak each egg in more than one color for even more fun.

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