April 08, 2005

A Birthday Cake Not Even a Mother Could Love

I can make cakes. I have made them for weddings, birthdays, funerals and family dinners. I am reasonably talented, or so I thought until last Saturday. My son celebrated his 7th birthday with a "knights and castles" birthday party. He requested swords for the guests, a dragon pinata and a castle cake. Everything went smoothly until the cake. I have never made such a horrible looking cake in my life!

My son, however, is an angel. I told him that the cake had an accident and didn't turn out as planned. He took one look at the cake and simply said, "It looks like the dragon attacked the castle and it's on fire!" He told this story to all of his friends and they thought it was the coolest thing since birthday cakes had been invented. They ate the cake and then fought the dragon pinata with their plastic swords.

Just so you don't think all of my cakes come out this badly, here are a couple of previous cakes. They aren't necessarily my best ones- just those I took pictures of.

Chocolate Cream Roll

Candied Violets

Happy Birthday

Monsters Inc.

Chocolate Roses


George Shrinks, Boston Cream Pie, Purple Pansies

Minnie Mouse

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