July 30, 2006

Kitchen Helpers

I enjoy cooking. I enjoy eating. I even enjoy washing dishes. That being said, with a family of five, cleaning up after breakfast, lunch and dinner gets to be too much for one person. At our house, we live by the "Henny Penny philosophy"-You helped eat the food so you can help cook the food and clean-up the food.

We share the workload with our "Kitchen Helper" job chart. We don't rotate the jobs because we have learned that children do a better job when they can "specialize" in one area.

Mom- put away food, wash counters
Dad- empty dishwasher, take out garbage
10 year old daughter- load dishwasher, sweep floor
8 year old son- clear table, wash table and high chair
1 year old son- put dishes in sink

When everyone pitches in, I get a chance to enjoy my meal. If mom is doing all the work in the kitchen at your house then maybe it is time to institute the "Kitchen Helper" program at your house!

P.S. Sorry about the long absence. I have been having trouble with my blogger account. There was a conflicting setting in IE and I couldn't log on. It took me months to figure out the problem. -matcheezmom

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Anonymous said...

great idea's for set chores, and welcome back!