January 31, 2008

New Year's Nutrition Resolutions

2008 has gotten off to a great start. Here are our family's nutrition resolutions:
  • little to no refined sugar, salt, animal fat
  • no MSG
  • no corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup
  • whole grains only
  • skim milk only
  • 5-7 servings of organic fruits and vegis each day
  • (2) two ounce servings of red meat per week, max
  • lots of water
  • Omega-3 supplements
I basically let the kids eat whatever they want at school. I have no control over it anyway so I don't worry. Breakfast and dinner are my choice.

Note: I wouldn't advise the switch to whole grains all at once. I have always eaten a balance of white bread products and whole wheat food so the switch hasn't been dramatic for me. However, my poor husband spends an awful lot of time in the bathroom lately. The change has been too sudden for his "fast food and diet Pepsi" system to handle. He was sick with gas, stomach pains,
diarrhea, etc. for nearly three weeks. Sorry, dear!

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