November 26, 2012

Pinterest Fail

Although I am not an avid Pinterest user, I do browse others' boards looking for new recipes and menu ideas.

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Up until now, I have been pleased with my experiments. However, this morning's venture was a total and complete fail. As you may remember from my previous post about our breakfast menu rotation, I cook oatmeal every Monday so when I found a pin on Pinterest where the user claimed to cook oatmeal overnight in the crock pot, I figured I would give it a shot. I filled my smallest crock pot with the oatmeal, water and diced apples and plugged it in.

This morning, we all sat down to what could only be described as steaming hot bowls of gelatinous, mucousal gruel.

The kids tried to outdo each other with vivid, nasty descriptions of the substance in their bowls and everyone of them sneaked off to dump it down the garbage disposal as soon as I turned my back. (Everyone except the 3-year old who can't reach the sink yet. He just left his on the table and went back to bed.) My husband tried to console me by suggesting that I just needed to adjust the recipe.

I don't know how the original pinner could stomach the stuff. (And she claimed to cook a large crock pot full that she reheated for breakfast every morning for a week!) I ate my entire serving (starving kids in Africa and all that) but I won't be attempting oatmeal in the crock pot again any time soon.

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